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Many people ask the question, what should I buy, a gasoline powered or electric powered golf car? The initial response is that there is not a black and white, easy answer. It really depends on your own likes, dislikes, needs, or desires. The information below is intended to help you make a better informed decision.


Electric cars are powered by deep cycle batteries specially designed for use in golf cars. These cars are clean, quiet, and less expensive to purchase and operate than a gasoline golf car. It is true that batteries cost hundreds of dollars to replace, but amortized over the years of potential use, and compared with the cost of maintenance on a gas engine, these cars usually end up being less expensive over the long haul. Unbeknown to most people, electric golf cars are very powerful. Some models are capable of carrying close to a half ton of payload. And, they can pull or push even more! Or, if you plan on using your golf car at your weekend get-away place, this could be the perfect choice as long as 120 volt power is available. Some campgrounds and communities are even requiring that if you use a golf car, it must be electric, having restricted gasoline powered golf car use for various reasons.

The concern that some people have for electric cars is that they have to charge them every now and then. How often? Think of it this way…an electric golf car can travel roughly 20 miles on a charged set of good batteries. You will probably be starting and stopping here and there and not running continuously. This will typically offer you a full day of usage. Charging overnight will give you the same 20 miles the next day. However, if you plan on using a golf car where there is no readily available electrical outlet, a battery powered car may not be your “cup of tea.” But if you have ready access to a 120 volt power source, an electric powered golf car could very well be the way to go for you.


Gasoline powered cars are more powerful than their electric cousins. If for instance, you want to pull or push your drag racing car from the finish line to your area in the pits, or back to the starting line, a gasoline golf car is probably the wise choice. If you use your golf car in the boonies where there are no 120 volt power outlets, or if you frequent a campground or resort where the management frowns on the use of their power for charging electric golf cars, the gasoline powered golf car is the obvious choice.

There are various reasons that people do not choose a gas car. They are a bit noisier than electrics, although they are usually not obnoxious if they have the properly functioning mufflers on them. Consider that golf cars were designed for the golf course where people on the putting green like it very quiet with few distractions or annoyances. Also, some people are opposed to gasoline powered golf cars for environmental reasons. Keep in mind that over the years, gas cars tend to require a bit more maintenance than electric cars.


It is best to consider before purchasing, how you want to use your golf car. Will you travel more than 20 miles in one day, or before you have the opportunity to charge your car? And, remember to consider the surroundings in which you will find yourself, whether you may be secluded from 120 volt power!

Either way, whether you decide on gasoline or electric, riding a golf car for personal use is a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience!
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